Hormone Replacement Pellets

Brought to You by bioTE
Bio-identical Hormone Pellets

This all-natural form of estrogen and/or testosterone is custom blended for your body’s exact dosage requirements. These pellets contain the same chemical structure as your body’s natural hormones and promote many benefits including: increased sex drive and performance, increased energy and muscle strength, increased ability to lose weight and the prevention of age-related illnesses!

We do the bloodwork in house to screen you for current hormone levels then discreetly place your custom bioTE pellets under your skin. They provide steady delivery that your body recognizes as its own hormones.

Hormone pellets have been around since 1939 and are so safe, even cancer patients can benefit from their use! Females need three placements a year for continuous results while men need only two. Most insurance covers the diagnostic bloodwork portion required to properly dose each patient.